(Español) ¿Hace falta un ‘adaptador’ de directivos para pymes?

14 May 12 icoLoop-cn
lavanguardia13 5 12 baja PF

(Español) Danone invierte 9 millones en entrar en el negocio del helado

30 Apr 12 1 Com.   icoLoop-cn
yolado Danone

(Español) El nuevo proyecto Yolado de Danone se ha desarrollado desde la filial española de la multinacional y Loop Business Innovation ha colaborado en él.

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Competing with (and against) Asian countries

17 May 11 icoBusiness Models

How to compete with Asia without counting on Asia? Counting on competitive products and services is one of the main raisons d’être of companies; they assign important human and economic efforts to this. However, the lack of competitiveness of most consumption products manufactured in Europe becomes evident against Asian ones (we have begun to observe the repetition of this fact...

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‘The experience’: The law of maximum minimums II

7 Dec 10 icoLoop-cn

This is an atypical post, it is not the result of some thematic reflection on the topics I would like to share with you through the blog; this post results from the events which are taking place during this long weekend stated in the constitution in which half country is on holiday and the other half (in which I include myself) has become a victim of the delays caused by air traffic control.

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Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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