Why do products/services/people lose their value?

13 Jun 11 icoConsumo
marcas_blancas 135

One of the most significant features of the society in which we live is its constant and rapid evolution; the concept of movement is a key concept to understand companies that make a management model out of innovation. The speed, the rapidity of evolution, increases when the space covered in a given time increases; or what is equivalent, when the...

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Competing with (and against) Asian countries

17 May 11 icoBusiness Models

How to compete with Asia without counting on Asia? Counting on competitive products and services is one of the main raisons d’être of companies; they assign important human and economic efforts to this. However, the lack of competitiveness of most consumption products manufactured in Europe becomes evident against Asian ones (we have begun to observe the repetition of this fact...

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Create usage experiences within the banking branches

19 Feb 11 icocases study

BBVA: Nonfinancial product’s sale in the banking branches. If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket, customer’s loyalty and establishing a multi-channel experience with him.

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Methods, methods and more methods!!

9 Feb 11 icoEmpresas

When knowledge cancels excellence. I am still amazed by the speed at which new management strategies settle in our companies. When the competitiveness of a practice is detected, a network of supply rapidly flourishes around it and it tends to (as common sense apparently indicates) company’s self-sufficiency with respect to the solution of the problem. The speed of technological, social...

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Gentlemen: It’s not marketing… it’s innovation!!

21 Jan 11 icoBusiness Models

In 1988, Fox marketed the film Big, directed by Penny Marshall, with its script written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, starring an extremely young Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkings. Briefly summarized, the film is about the difficulties of a teenager who (thanks to magic) enters an adult’s body (Tom Hanks). After many circumstances, our young adult turns into the...

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I don’t believe in reincarnation (praise the talent)

3 Jan 11 icoBusiness Models

I don’t believe in reincarnation. I have never met a person who believes in it and who has been ill-treated in a previous life. In general, they have always been Roman consuls, Napoleon (I know many), famous people, etc. I don’t know any former slave who has belonged to a Pariah caste, any private dead on the battle field, an...

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Are you an executant or an initiator?

10 May 10 icoLoop-cn
ejecutores e iniciadores

Talent management for people, entrepreneurs and companies. Making a generalization, we could divide the world into two big categories of people: those who are capable of starting things off and those who are able to carry out them. There are particularly organized people who are very efficient when it comes to carrying things out and there are also other people...

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Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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