Rusticae ‘charming hotels’

Our client, Rusticae, is a hotel-quality club which has more than 200 hotels with a field-and-town character in which unforgettable experiences can be gathered. The company’s motto perfectly defines its activity: Rusticae ‘The goodlife company’.

Rusticae competitiveness is directly associated with the capacity of attracting the ‘best charming hotels’ in the areas where it operates; this is why it is vital to be able to offer innovating products and services to them constantly. Other Rusticae’s strategic values are the annual publication of a catalogue including the description of its hotel affiliates (this catalogue has become an authentic reference point in the sector with great distribution and media impact) and the Rusticae’s users’ club, a genuine community of ‘goodlife’ searchers.

Our collaboration with Rusticae was focused on the detection of new business services and opportunities, emphasizing opportunities in the corporate area. With this purpose and within our methodological process, we have specific tools to ‘deconstruct’ the value of a brand, and this allows us to focus on the brand’s real value to be exploited; the deconstruction of value is performed semantically. This tool is called ‘value abstraction’.

The value of Rusticae is closely related to concepts like honesty, sensitiveness, coherence, unique and different, heart, comfort, pleasure, amazing, evocative, among others. All this belongs to ‘the goodlife company’. The project was based on transforming these identity values into business opportunities in a multidirectional way for the premises’ users, their owners, Rusticae, commercial brands, etc.

Some opportunity scenarios suggested which were later materialized in market services are advertising and sponsorship on the basis of the catalogue, the localization of third parties’ products in hotels by way of test and focused advertising, structuring of company’s gift packs, corporate events and meetings, segmentation by moments, etc.

As an example of new opportunities, we developed with greater detail ‘Product positioning’ or Tryversiting: It deals with placing company’s products within Rusticae hotels for the users’ grasp and consumption experience in a relaxed and entirely enjoyable environment; some of the clients for this service are: Cardhu, Lindt, BMW, Saab, Ford, Knockando, etc.

Tryversiting Rusticae makes it possible to increase action efficiency as a result of having the right settings without advertising contamination, thus helping to associate good memories with the test experience. Enhancement of segmentation; simplicity with respect to the hotel or room type, geographical area, client’s profile, town or field, etc. Customized approach, tailor-made designed actions that are suitable for a budget, thought out for a user’s profile who values details, gastronomy, decoration, etc. Adaptation of the action to specific hotel areas; rooms, bathroom, catering areas / terraces and product loan for use.


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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