Roberto Verino, redefining the value and the opportunity territory of a brand

It is not always the case that a prestigious brand active in the market coincides at the same time with a physical person and its vital course in time by means of an excellent product offer and retail model; on the contrary, today numerous brands have become marketing constructions developed as time went by or adapted to a specific time. This contrast gives and takes different competitive advantages to both strategies.

The designer, Roberto Verino, began his professional career in 1982 when he introduced his first prêt-á-porter collection, then in 1983 he opened his first shop in Paris and in 1992 he opened the first one in Madrid. These first steps constituted the beginning of his expansion. Nowadays, Roberto Verino is one of the most relevant fashion companies in Spain, it operates in more than 20 countries and the brand is widely diversified.

Roberto Verino turned to Loop Business Innovation with the purpose of analyzing the current positioning of the brand and retail model in order to contrast its evolution from the original model, the adaptation of the model to the current target of its clientele and its evolution in time; then the aim was to analyze the possibilities of expansion of the brand and to define a logical process for its establishment.

In Loop we faced the challenge by starting a Knowledge Stock process with the most important executives of the company, with the purpose of analyzing, structuring and classifying the value qualities that made up the global value of the company and brand, regarding both tangible and intangible qualities.

This conception of the value qualities of the company observed from inside was contrasted with the value qualities observed from an external viewpoint by means of strategies of semantic abstraction and value characterization, which were developed by Loop team.

The contrast allowed Loop and Roberto Verino’s team to distinguish the original assets with low market value with the purpose of analyzing their future, the current assets with market value in order to maximize them to the full and the most important aspect: those values recognized by the market but not exploited by the company, aiming at defining a strategy of exploitation and establishment.

Once the ‘Roberto Verino’s’ opportunity territory had been redefined, it was structured in three exploitation ways: Maximizing the company’s recursive business, structuring possible ‘spin offs’ of value assets and finally, delimiting and defining a commercial exploitation policy of the brand assets (license exploitation).

The exploitation of assets was defined in a pro active way to the company’s strategy (non reactive as it is usually done), thus making it possible to define a coherent and organized Roberto Verino’s world with respect to its offer to the consumer of the brand.

Having delimited and structured the opportunity territory for its exploitation, the different opportunities were weighted up in logical way for the redefinition of the Verino universe and they were prioritized in time to make it easier to comprehend the consumer of a wide and vast supply of products ranging from yearly prêt-á-porter Verino collections, perfumes, watchmaking, ceramics, wine, etc.

The project ended by aligning the results with the company’s strategic plan, the definition and delimitation of new opportunities to be developed and the establishment of an introduction plan.




Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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