Marcilla: Mixing tradition and innovation

Marcilla Capsules for Italian coffee pot. Sometimes, the great innovations that appear in the market, managed to set new consumption fashions that do not respond to the previously established habits nor to the consumers’ tradition but, despite their conceptual force, they managed to commercially succeed. A clear example of this, is the coffee and the triumph of the mono-doses concept. Regarding coffee, the south of Europe and Spain in particular, is clearly a market dominated by the “Italian pot”, present in 60% of the Spanish homes and turned into one of the icons of the popular culture and design of our society. Making a very generic analysis of the evolution of the coffee market (raw material aside), this one has been developing by means of two basic value axes: The convenience and the social rite. The convenience has enormously influenced in the coffee’s preparation and dosage: From coffee grain to ground coffee, from the conventionally packaged to the controlled atmosphere, coffee varieties and also ground coffee for different types of pods, mono-doses that ensure the flavor’s uniform quality and reduce the preparation, etc. The social rite has added a new dimension to the intrinsic use of coffee: The socialization, the protocol and the representativeness.

The combination of these two axes, has come into fashion and has eliminated from the market utensils and home electric appliances (coffee grinder), coffee pots typologies (Italian, express, for a mono-dose), business models, loyalty plans with the user, distribution and retail models, etc. Fruit of these combination, it is the fact that the Italian coffee pot and its use have come to a mediatic background and in some cases, of use. The “Great Aroma Marcilla Capsules” project launched by Sara Lee from the business area of Coffe & Tea Retail Spain, (we have collaborated with them from Loop and CDN), combines tradition with innovation and convenience. It turns the coffee preparation for the Italian coffee pot into a much more comfortable and cleaner process, it gives the optimal coffee dose for 6 cups, strengthening its aroma and intensity: It combines the doses practicality with the tradition of the Italian coffee pot making. In order to propose this new concept, Marcilla has used the deep knowledge it has on Spanish consumers and their habits, looking for a much more intense and aromatic cup coffee. Once Marcilla set up the challenge to unite both worlds of tradition and convenience by the incorporation of 6 doses capsules to the Italian coffee pot; Loop/CDN collaborated together with Marcilla’s marketing department and the technological area, in the capsule planification, its aesthetic definition and of the user’s interaction, the capsule’s technological development, materials’ selection and industrial product test (capsule).

The “secret” of the concept regarding the conventional operation of the Italian coffee pot, lies on the greater resistance offered by the capsule’s structure and inner filters at the moment the water transfers the coffee during the boiling, which allows to obtain all its flavor and essence. When taking 30 seconds to one more minute of preparation, the water has more time to impregnate itself by the coffee properties, that’s why you could get a greater aroma and flavor. The product’s format is completed with the launching of natural, mixes and decaffeinated varieties. Sometimes, great innovations consist on coming back to the origins incorporating new consumption habits!


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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