The Comoros Islands

Projecting the essence of the Comoros Islands to the world

“Projecter l´essentiel” is a project which has 100 % of strategic innovation in services, it was contracted from our office in Dubai by an investment group from the Arab Emirates with the approval by the Government of the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros.

The Comoros Islands are located in the Mozambique strait between Madagascar and the African continent, they constitute a archipelago made up of 4 islands, 3 of which form the Islamic Federal Republic which has Moroni as its capital city, the fourth island is still under the French protectorate.

The Republic of the Comoros Islands is a country with natural beauty, enormous agricultural and biological power but it is sadly known by its coups d’état and 2 air accidents (the last one occurred one year ago). This has caused great damage to its public image and this is why it needs a new positioning of the country’s assets.

The project developed by Loop consisted of revealing the essence of the Comoros Islands; distinguishing and abstracting the value of the archipelago in order to subsequently define a series of opportunity scenarios as the driving force for interest raising with the purpose of making the Comoros Islands well-known and visited by relevant actors. The project was focused on locating the Comoros in the ‘positive world map’ by creating a virtuous circle of physical and virtual actions in order to encourage the movement of visitors and contribute to the development of the islands’ business units.

The project was focused on four actions: identifying the islands’ value and the appropriate targets for each business unit; creating a driving force for interest raising for visitors to the islands (professional and tourist), introducing the attraction driving force and finally, keeping it active and updated in time.

By way of example, one of the scenarios developed is centred upon the archipelago’s wealth in the cultivation of spices. The Comoros Islands have historically been one of the main producers of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, perfume essences, etc. But due to their low performance and volume they have been overshadowed by Madagascar, India and Pakistan nowadays. However, due to the archipelago’s isolation for centuries, crops and plantations have remained without biological or genetic alterations.

The scenario develops the new production start-up of historical plantations, regarding their production as well as their original premises and infrastructure, maximizing the unique organoleptic provisions of spices and perfume essences mainly sold to the French perfume industry as they are not contaminated by the creation of a Premium Comoros brand of spices, ‘Exotic Gourmet’.

The previous scenario ‘meets’ another one based on exploiting quality tourism in the archipelago by defining roads across plantations. The tourism scenario also comprises the exploitation of biological tourism (great richness in fauna, flora and biological diversity), trekking tourism (the largest active volcano in the world is located on the main island where tradition sets the ‘King Solomon’s mines’, quality seaside and sun tourism (kilometres of virgin islands with coral reefs), etc.

Nowadays, the Government of the Islands, along with various investment groups, are developing the basic infrastructure to establish the country and develop the detected opportunities; all this performed with a global vision of the country sustainable in time. Such a challenge!


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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