Imaginarium, products and services for the family communication

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This is a line of products and services provided for the communication of the family unit. The project was brought before the lack of products designed 100% for this source of communication and especially children up to 7 years or so.

It is true that so far there were products aimed at children, but basically they were (and are the majority) reductions or make-up products higher. Are only (at best) scales for children, do not meet their needs or those derived from the parents. Are not entitled to treat this target and some of the companies that have done so have been accused of excessive commercial focus to a very sensitive target for commercial exploitation.

The product line that we raised with Imaginarium, divide the target at times and different communication needs. For communication between parent – child, we propose a very limited telephone services, basic technology and programmable by parents in their numbers and functions. For communication child – boy, we propose a camera / phone (unlike the market) where children from contact photo files can be exchanged, and finally for communication grandson – grandparents, we suggest a phone platform adapted to the “video conference, where the main issue is the quality of the image and the screen size.

Each product platforms, using different technological platforms. In parallel with the features and usability of each product, a series of services for each source of dual-level target, both for adult programming needs, control, security, monitoring, etc. as for children, children’s content downloads, file sharing photographs, online games, etc.

Imaginarium is defined as the owner of the entire system and from Loop perform and coordinate the entire definition of business model (products, targets, services, etc.) Definition of usability interfaces for both targets and manage the entire Project operation-level providers, technology partners, etc. From CDN develop industrial and graphic design, engineering development models, prototypes, etc.., Relying on our development office mechanic Argentina.

Finally, and along with Imaginarium, within the definition of business model is sought business partners and operators in Spain signed an agreement with Movistar, for other countries were defined other operators who adapted the model references, performance and local operational.

This is a project set to Loop and CRC at its best performance for the high quality conceptual and formal result of the products, the complexity of the operation by the number of developer partners in different parts of the world and finally fit all business model by providing real value and adapted to the needs of children and adults.

Anecdotally the project commenting that phone reference, we detected the sale of units for seniors, for its ease and simplicity of use.


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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