Ecosite de Ausa, from product to service

AUSA, (Automóviles Utilitarios S.L.U,) industrial car manufacturer and world leader in the sector of construction equipment (off road dumpers and forklift trucks), is a company with a long tradition in the industrial and innovation world, which has an outstanding and deep commitment to R&D topics, where it invests 5.5 % of its sales.

AUSA used to be a primarily industrial company based on product development, production and marketing for construction and public works. Framed within a forward-looking and strategic planning approach, AUSA turned to Loop Business Innovation for the identification and co development of a range of services based on the exploitation of the company’s industrial assets, know-how, brand and market.

For the identification of various appropriate opportunities for the development of a service offer, Loop made a comprehensive analysis of the company’s assets using our Knowledge Stock methodological battery. With this purpose, we have analyzed the progress made by the company and the sector where it operates in the technology, society and business model areas. Subsequently, a network of actors from the AUSA operation was analyzed, and we met a large number of them. Finally, a comprehensive prospective study of trends and macro tendencies was developed within the sector of construction and public works.

The work done resulted in the identification of various ‘AUSA opportunity territories’, once analyzed and contrasted with the company’s strategic goals, the AUSA management decided to develop the scenario identified as ECOSITE.

Ecosite constitutes an offer of services directed at solving the economic and environmental problem derived from the generation of waste in works. The service developed ‘on site’ in the work has 3 big phases:

  • Preliminary study in relation with the typology and the size of the work and the need generated by its waste, where the waste volume, the need for exploiting resources and the operation economic feasibility are determined.
  • Application of an operational model (hardware and software) in the work for the optimal management of waste; assignment of the people responsible, the means and indicators and the operation start-up.
  • Service closing; analysis of earnings and economic report of operation profitability and environmental improvement.

Ecosite is a service made up of a mixture of knowledge, definition of the operation, development of specific hardware and definition of roles and economic flows of different actors around a common problem; thus our client’s value of knowledge is maximized within the sector it operates.

The great benefits of Ecosite can be summarised in the following list:

-Optimization of operations and resources in the work

-Increase in work safety.

-Improvement of the earnings account in the work (reduction of costs)

-Greater competitive edge in the work award.

-Respect for the environment, company differentiation and image.

From the physical to the digital: ECOSITE is in line with a Loop’s typology of projects where the assets of a company based on production are analyzed in order to create an offer of services which can maximize the value and the commercial performance of the company. This type of diversification is an excellent measure before market downturns, Asian competition and reductions of margins in operations.

Loop has carried out projects of the same focus for companies like AUSA, Valentine, Hewlett Packard, Ofita, Zumex, Corporación Industrial Alf, Cosentino, Tradisa, etc.


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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