Create usage experiences within the banking branches

BBVA: Nonfinancial product’s sale in the banking branches.

If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket, customer’s loyalty and establishing a multi-channel experience with him.

Increase the traffic, as the concept indicates, consists on more people (objective customers) been able to enter our sales structures: Stores, webs, etc. The more incoming numbers, the more sale possibilities and major infrastructure amortization exist.

Elevate the average ticket consists on selling more products and services to the customers that have previously bought at our sales structures; many products and services supplies are supplies by themselves and others are made for the impulse sale, we can see it in market shelves, counters, crossed sale strategies, etc. If I managed to elevate the average ticket, I increase the sale’s operation yield: for the same operation cost, I get a greater global margin.

Make the customer loyal is an obvious objective; there’s nothing more expensive in the sale process than getting with our supply to the customers and that they buy from us for the first time; this is the purpose of numerous loyalty strategies such as credit cards, coupons, etc.

Establish a multi-channel experience is probably the last of the strategies being implanted, it is a direct consequence of previous ones and of the evolution of the distribution and logistic strategies, and of the technology entrance in communication and the access to the customer. It is necessary to get to the customer by any available or actual means, web, shop in the shop, etc.

One of the aspects that characterized the banking industry the last years was the conversion of its interaction into a retail model; in this way, we are in front of a banking branches mutation, the disappearance of physical borders, its services productiveness, the co-branding with other businesses and products, the interactive technology introduction and services and products crossed sale.

While strengthening the retail strategy, we participate together with our BBVA customer, in the introduction of nonfinancial physical products for the sale in the banking branches based on the following strategies, all of them focused on naturalizing the presence of this product typology within the branches and their interaction with the branch customers and its collaborators:

- Usage experience creation of nonfinancial product sale within a Banking office

- Different solutions and supports’ rules that generate and reinforce the sale’s dynamic of this product typology in the branches

- Creation of self codes and spaces for nonfinancial products

- Interaction and usage experience design for the step by step sale process

All this was shaped in the creation of a series of dynamics and usage routines focused to the branch customer and collaborator with the purpose of reaching the product supply, its understanding and guidance, a purchase solution supply and finally the product’s acquisition. These dynamics were supported by the definition of the branch traffic flows and different supporting material for the customer and collaborator’s guidance in all the process.

The evolution of pre-established routines and codes is a complex and difficult aspect, in many cases more complex than the launching of new products and services, that’s why it is better to reinforce all those points that can create a disconnection in the process of the customer’s understanding.


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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