The Initiator Gene. How to generate new sustainable and profitable business models as time goes by?

6 Feb 11 icoBusiness Models

This is a post that deals with business models; it does so from a ‘start to finish’ viewpoint of every business activity; it DOES NOT do it from the process or its optimization; it focuses on its origin, which is called the ‘initiator gene’, the DNA that will determine its success or failure. It is not a methodological process of...

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Are you an executant or an initiator?

10 May 10 icoLoop-cn
ejecutores e iniciadores

Talent management for people, entrepreneurs and companies. Making a generalization, we could divide the world into two big categories of people: those who are capable of starting things off and those who are able to carry out them. There are particularly organized people who are very efficient when it comes to carrying things out and there are also other people...

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Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

Welcome! from Loop want to share our projects, our vision, our way of doing things, the success of our customers, our news and those who might be of your interest. In this blog you will find notes on methodology, step by step procedures, tools, techniques, news, case studies, lessons learned, thoughts on creating new business models and above all our enthusiasm for contributing to the success of our customers, which is our success.

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