I don’t consider Steve Jobs as a great innovator

24 Apr 11 icoInnovación

If we conduct a survey on who is the most innovating person nowadays, many people would mention Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. Jobs appears in his own right as a clear benchmarker of innovation. Personally, I appreciate Jobs’ work and vision and it is part of my list of benchmarkers but I do not particularly consider Jobs as a great innovator;...

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How can successful business models be generated? The Apple case

15 Mar 11 icoEmpresas

There are products and business models that are especially successful; from the moment they burst into the market they are accepted by consumers, they produce addiction and they ‘set an example’ by leading their sectors and becoming their reference point. Apple and most of the products it launches reflect this model; each new reference turns out to be more and more astonishing.

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Create usage experiences within the banking branches

19 Feb 11 icocases study

BBVA: Nonfinancial product’s sale in the banking branches. If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket, customer’s loyalty and establishing a multi-channel experience with him.

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The Initiator Gene. How to generate new sustainable and profitable business models as time goes by?

6 Feb 11 icoBusiness Models

This is a post that deals with business models; it does so from a ‘start to finish’ viewpoint of every business activity; it DOES NOT do it from the process or its optimization; it focuses on its origin, which is called the ‘initiator gene’, the DNA that will determine its success or failure. It is not a methodological process of...

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Sintal, how to diversify a SME’s product?

4 Dec 10 icocases study

Sintal is a SME located in the locality of Estella (Navarra), the company initiated its activity making television antennas: the typical ones that covered the houses’ tile roofs and conformed many cities and localities’ landscape.

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The ‘perfect’ Martini

25 Jun 10 icocases study

The client, Bacardi –Martini, with its Vermouth Martini brand shares approximately 80 % of the vermouth market and 81 % of the Spanish market. The positioning of Martini based on the sophisticated and ‘the night’ results in an unequal competition in another great consumption moment of vermouth: The midday aperitif, within the HORECA channel (hotel and catering business).

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Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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