Low Cost, High Value

5 May 11 icoConsumo

As an expert, I am often asked about ‘the most important innovation in recent years’, understood as business model innovation instead of research and development. This is a complex question which has more than one answer. My choice is particularly clear; probably one of the best innovations has one of the worst names: Low Cost. Many of us have discovered...

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If a Martian came to the Earth… (it wouldn’t like to be a woman)

15 Apr 11 icoConsumo

The created needs Someone told me once that if a Martian came to the Earth and watched TV advertisements, it would never like to be a woman. When he noticed my interrogation look, he replied: Tell me, who appears on adverts with stomach swelling compared with a ‘globe-fish’?

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Power to retailers!!!

15 Mar 11 1 Com.   icoConsumo
apple_store 225

I will not deny that I am especially fond of companies framed within the concept of retail. As with many other novel concepts, there are numerous interpretations of it; the Oxford Dictionary of Business reads: a retailer is a ‘distributor which sells goods and services to consumers. There are three categories of retailers: multiple shops, retail cooperatives and independent retailers....

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Methods, methods and more methods!!

9 Feb 11 icoEmpresas

When knowledge cancels excellence. I am still amazed by the speed at which new management strategies settle in our companies. When the competitiveness of a practice is detected, a network of supply rapidly flourishes around it and it tends to (as common sense apparently indicates) company’s self-sufficiency with respect to the solution of the problem. The speed of technological, social...

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Gentlemen: It’s not marketing… it’s innovation!!

21 Jan 11 icoBusiness Models

In 1988, Fox marketed the film Big, directed by Penny Marshall, with its script written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, starring an extremely young Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkings. Briefly summarized, the film is about the difficulties of a teenager who (thanks to magic) enters an adult’s body (Tom Hanks). After many circumstances, our young adult turns into the...

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Sintal, how to diversify a SME’s product?

4 Dec 10 icocases study

Sintal is a SME located in the locality of Estella (Navarra), the company initiated its activity making television antennas: the typical ones that covered the houses’ tile roofs and conformed many cities and localities’ landscape.

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The cornerstones of competitiveness

9 Aug 10 icoLoop-cn

This second ‘historical’ article about Loop was published in the business supplement of ABC newspaper on Sunday, January 19th, 2003. If the previous article ‘A link takes control of the chain’ meant the digital integration of our development services, this second article ‘The cornerstones of competitiveness’ acts as the starting point of our path toward strategic consultancy, which was initially based on innovation and product optimization services.

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A link takes control of the chain

31 Jul 10 icoLoop-cn

This is undoubtedly a special article for us, both because of the newspaper that has published it (the article in the Sunday Business supplement of ‘El País’ had a wide circulation) and because of its content and meaning in our subsequent evolution. Until the end of 1997, CDN (Competitive Design Network) had been a team focused on industrial design which had relevant participation in the market and loyal clients.

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The Comoros Islands

17 Jun 10 icocases study

Projecting the essence of the Comoros Islands to the world “Projecter l´essentiel” is a project which has 100 % of strategic innovation in services, it was contracted from our office in Dubai by an investment group from the Arab Emirates with the approval by the Government of the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros.

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Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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