I don’t believe in reincarnation (praise the talent)

Not enough to accumulate courses of top business schools.

I don’t believe in reincarnation. I have never met a person who believes in it and who has been ill-treated in a previous life. In general, they have always been Roman consuls, Napoleon (I know many), famous people, etc. I don’t know any former slave who has belonged to a Pariah caste, any private dead on the battle field, an extremely poor person, etc.

I don’t know anybody who has attended an MBA programme and invested a considerable amount of money in it and has had a bad experience or unmet expectations either. In general, they all talk wonders, they belong to organizations of former students satisfied with the experience and organized to transmit it. I don’t know anybody who has talked about having invested his/her money wrongly and has lost some precious time. The schools they have attended might take the credit for this, but I find it hard to believe in such degree of fulfilled satisfaction.

For a start, I don’t trust some professionals trained in remote places, in mythical schools and with ‘perfect’ professors. I find it boring when people try hard to show off the level of theory they handle and its exaggerated use in reference books or articles. Many of them have been at some moment in their career ‘close’ to a great business event or innovation… but just that, close. I don’t exempt them from showing how good and competitive they are and I want to listen to their own opinions about business and the things they do. I want to understand how much they work.

I don’t mean that it may not be true that when we die, we will reincarnate, that attending a MBA programme is a great tool to expand our knowledge and professional positioning and that having the privilege of training in an elite school with a different culture from ours discredits the effort that should be made to achieve its goals, quite the opposite.

With this I want to lighten the right of anxiety before the unknown, to vindicate our right to make a mistake without being sentenced for that, the value of our own criterion to build and tell our own history. This article is a plea on behalf of talent, an endangered asset which, as a result of being difficult to find, is sometimes taken for granted through our attempts to show and pursue a ‘perfect’ CV. The one doesn’t rule out the other and if they coincide it’s excellent.
I have always thought that we are responsible for our actions, we must thank our predecessors for the starting point in which we began our life. We are recipients of a genetic, material, philosophical and knowledge heritage; entering with it a comfortable environment and with enviable training does not exempt us from working harder and improving.

This is why we especially like people with their own criteria, people who have the impulse of trying hard and improving themselves; I look for their company and relationship. I always learn from them and they help me to improve. I value their criteria and viewpoint more than the knowledge they have stored (about which they hardly ever boast). No matter how established and recognized they are, they have lost their capacity of risk and elasticity to change; they are more worried about the future than what they have done in their life. They have a special attitude toward living the present, aware of it.

Some people may have been Napoleon in a previous life and the best thing they have done in their current lives has been attending a MBA programme in a foreign prestigious school, but… believe me: if you happen to come across a slave reincarnate, who has lost his/her time attending a MBA course and who tells you about new things of his own and it sounds new, don’t let him/her escape, he/she will surely give you great satisfaction.




Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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