TAU, S3 (Smart, Surface, System). New model

Tau Cerámica (Taulell, S. A) is a leader company in the manufacturing and distribution of pieces of pottery located in Castellón, it is well known specially as a result of its focus on innovative and advanced products as well as the sports sponsorship developed with Basket Basconia and in competitive sailing.

Tau Cerámica stands out because of its leadership position in the design, development and manufacture of pieces for the ceramic coating of surfaces; the solutions provided by Tau are launched to the market through successive waves of collections of ceramic products in various formats, technologies and designs; it has a distribution system thought out for the sale of pieces of pottery in large volumes.

Tau Cerámica turned to Loop Business Innovation to work together on the definition of a new Grupo Tau division specialized in offering innovative solutions for the coating of architectural and town planning surfaces by creating smart surface systems; this is the origin of what was later called S3 (Smart surface systems).

The creation of a new division aimed at settling in the ‘Tau’ brand, its recognition and solvency within the market, the structuring of new distribution channels that would coexist with the current ones and the recovery of experience and knowledge in the company’s R&D within the scope of surfaces.

Loop presents the definition of the New division under 3 axes of value: Surfaces, System and Intelligence.

Surfaces: The Grupo Tau’s experience in ceramic surfaces is very broad but ceramics is not the only technology for surface coating; focusing on surfaces allows us to open the ‘ceramic’ focus of the company and turn it into an authentic expert in surfaces; both at the level of location (interior, exterior), use (private, public), laying (horizontal, transverse, etc.) and technologies (ceramic, wood, stone, synthetic resin, etc.).

Systems: The ceramic sector treats ceramics as unique systems of relation, thus collections are made up of pieces related with one another in order to coat surfaces. The new division will be based on ‘surface systems'; diverse pieces, materials and technologies that are related with one another in order to provide a final value beyond coating; therefore it will be necessary to think in terms of project and projection, sub systems and structures, etc.

Intelligence: This is considered as the capacity of providing a superior value to the solution beyond the function of protecting something superficially. The treatment of surfaces in terms of value allows us to think of other uses and other recoveries: Ventilated facades with energy reception systems, raised floors, ceramics for ephemeral uses, surface systems thought out for external use and their users’ ergonomics, etc.).

Another S3 function consists of gathering the most advanced Grupo Tau’s R&D proposals with respect to aesthetic proposals and finishes, as well as specific uses. The treatment of ‘Smart systems’ enables us to develop a wide system of commercial and distribution alliances as well as co branding ones with other companies; thus allowing commercial expansion and increase in market renown.

Once the 3 axes of value had been assigned, the project deal with detecting ‘opportunity territories’ where the new axes and Tau’s positioning created a predominance situation.

The opportunity territories crossed with the prevailing macro and micro tendencies within the construction and restoration sector made it possible to build a catalogue of opportunities that was developed as a ‘strategic product plan’. In this plan, the S3’s space for opportunity was defined by delimiting each one by short, medium and long term and developing them by defining actors, contexts of use, needs and finally, solution. The project ended with the creation of a strategy of introduction of each opportunity to the market.


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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