Alfa Seam new category and Next sewing machines series

Reinterpretting a classic

Sewing has come into fashion | Basque Newspaper’s Comment

There are some products that form part of our lives’ imaginary and that have a great evoking power; one of them, without doubt, is “the sewing machine” and within its brands, Alfa is the most important one; the advertising spots are still sounding, today Alfa is one of the most advertising brands. The sewing machines evoke so many deep memories, but also a part of our history in which women were focused on the housework and on the family. Consequently, the “sewing machine” category, has itself a “conceptual knapsack” that difficult its growth and the positioning of modernity, freedom and user’s development; for that reason it has been necessary to restate its origins and bases, focusing it in the hobby and spare time world, together with the classic sewing for own consumption. In a time where the SEA sector (Small Electric Appliance, where the sewing machines category is framed), is going through difficulties concerning margin and new references, the sewing machines rely on a consolidated market, with important price references and with good commercial health.

Considering the user, the market has been divided into two attitudes: people who sew for own consumption and people who do it as a hobby. In this way, the market has been polarized in 3 fronts: professional machines (great level of benefits and computerization), first level price machines (for beginners or the users that sew for own consumption) and the machines focused on a hobby (users that sew by pleasure and that demand a certain level of benefits, price, services and peripheral accessories) See product examples The Alfa Next project considers the reinterpretation of the sewing machine usage and of the development of a new category: Alfa Seam.

The new category should consider both two domestic uses, very extreme in their necessities (own consumption and hobby) and the use of two technological platforms (mechanical and electronic), that reinforces the traditional and constant leadership in Alfa’s markets. The Alfa seam new category is based on the creation of different concentric circles, taking the sewing machine as a vertebral axis and in particular the New Next series. The second circle is based on the accessories (and small necessary electric appliances for the seam), including the patterns, to finish with a model definition and retail experience: the Alfa Seam stores.

All this in a market where the great entrance barrier is based on the learning, traditionally transferred from mothers to daughters. At the present time, this knowledge transfer had been broken by mothers’ conception of seam at home. For this reason, it has been necessary to design very easy use and learning machines. The new machines conceptualization has focused on harnessing the use experience, making it easy, simple and intuitive, with a modern design and out from the canons that have turned the sewing machines into a classic design.


Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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