Cube by Coca-Cola

How to enhance a global brand’s visibility at the point of sale

Coca-Cola Iberia has launched in Alimentaria an innovative refrigerator for the catering industry developed by Loop-Cn.

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the reference Companies regarding global image, and it represents the largest buyer of refrigerators in the world. Within this sector, TCCC defines the new lines and strategies to be followed regarding both image and implementation of new technologies, among other things, lately aimed at promoting the reduction of the environmental impact caused by refrigerators.

For years, Loop-Cn has collaborated with Coca-Cola on the enhancement of its products’ visibility at the point of sale in order to boost the buying impulse, keeping in mind a global strategy which can address the brand’s international attribute.

In the catering channel, gaining visibility has become a more complex issue as a result of a constant increase in advertising elements and material generating a high visual noise. Standing out has become more difficult; so the competition among brands and products to address the needs of those who manage the point of sale without losing impact on the end customer has grown. This was Loop’s challenge when working for Coca-Cola.

For the development of this new category of products which are well-established internationally, Loop has applied a working method based on the analysis and management of the requirements of all the actors interacting in the product ecosystem. From the communications and marketing departments, through international companies dealing with the manufacturing process, to those in charge of product introduction logistics and equipment usability.

The complexity of the project aims at defining products that can not only boost the most functional aspects (including the optimization of costs) but can also have a strong impact on end users and customers.

As a result of this collaboration, the first reference has been introduced and it belongs to a new category of products defined for the catering sector. The aim of this new family of products, whose spearhead is the new Cube fridge, is to increase the presence and quality of the image projected, regardless of its location, business typology and environment.

The wide range of Coca-Cola products and brands as well as its presence in all kinds of premises and locations has called for both the definition of products with a high ability to adapt and the gradual introduction of accessories that can make it possible to increase their visual and functional capacity. Cube is under approval by Coca Cola at the international level, thus confirming the ductility of the new category of products which can adapt to different markets.

Loop has taken part in several stages of the project: from the conceptual definition of the new category, through the final design to the industrialization strategy.




Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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