How to reposition a classic? “El Casco”

There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects. They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture.

The fact that most of these products reach this stage results merely from a series of causal events, it does not imply that products have been created for this purpose: they have lived isolated from market pressures because their function has not evolved over several years and consequently, their shape has not evolved either; or plainly ‘by popular subscription’: because we as consumers have wanted so, keeping them intact as years went by.

Those who are engaged in innovation, business models and new categories of products and services must pay great attention to this typology of products, defend and protect them as well as treat them as such; this is when innovation acts against the purpose it originally had in its creation: to maintain and preserve the iconographic objects of our culture.

Today we would like to introduce the new line of products ‘El Casco Clásico’: a line of products of professional representativeness based on the famous desk products ‘El Casco’. Olave, Solozabal y Cia, the company that owns ‘El Casco’ brand and products has entrusted Loop | Business Innovation with the revival of its lines of products, their repositioning in the market and the enhancement of their real and perceived value.

Only the best ones survive

For a company and its products, being almost a century old can only be possible thanks to the firm and constant philosophy of offering always and solely the highest quality. Founded in 1920, ‘El Casco’ and its products have overcome the Great Depression of 1929, the Spanish Civil War, the Second Great War, the oil crisis, the internationalization of economy and, in modern times, the so-called Great Recession too.

Natural selection of products

The formula has involved finding the exact balance between tradition and renovation at every time in order to preserve the original products’ reliability, durability, softness, elegance and accuracy over time. After some years devoted to manufacturing revolvers, in the 1930’s ‘El Casco’ started to apply its equipment and production processes to the creation of desk items.

Collective individuality

The greatest accuracy and softness demands the greatest care. Therefore, each item is treated individually in the same careful fashion as traditional handmade production was developed in the old days, until all items reach simple perfection. First of all, products are assembled and fitted manually until the perfect assembly of all the elements is accomplished. The preassembled pieces are laser numbered before being disassembled to move on to the finishing process on an individual basis.

The step of polishing pieces is also handmade and it is characterized by carefulness and patience in order to obtain a mirror finish. Pieces are examined in great detail during the whole process and they are polished with a cloth to eliminate even the slightest imperfection.

The exclusiveness and distinction of the classic

Only a few products have a distinctive aesthetic quality that turns them into classics within their kind. Today ‘El Casco’, due to its characteristic and timeless design, due to its contrasted elegance and the quality of its finishes, is a distinguished brand among the most demanding clients all over the world.

How to display the inheritance?

‘El Casco’: Representativeness and courtesy for the professional world.

The value of the current ‘El Casco’ products is condensed in this phrase, far above the initial purpose they had when were conceived: Stapling, drilling, sealing, sharpening…Today its value is also concentrated on stressing status, culture, timelessness, the value obtained from the detail and the quality of the person who owns or gives it as a present.

In order to establish and develop the next category ‘El Casco Clásico’, Loop has selected from the catalogue those references that meet the perfection characterizing the classic, those containing the DNA of pieces which have stood the test of time, those that have gone beyond their function and have become an icon.

These references imply the structural basis of the category and they come with a series of accessories and services that legitimize and dignify them: Their history (original plans and patents), the legacy (branding and customizing pieces), the finish (packaging and dusters), etc. One of the most complex aspects consists of applying the DNA to the new necessary references in a range so as to meet the needs of each time.

As regards consumption and industry, as it happens along our history, we must preserve and appreciate that which has made us what we are and we must attach the proper value and the significance they deserve in our lives. What is the value of perfection? Can a historical legacy have a price?




Mª Luisa Vives – Jaime Gross

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