(Español) Innovación estratégica y tecnología española a la vanguardia Mundial en el control del tráfico aéreo

31 May 2012 icoEmpresa
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    Power to retailers!!!

    apple_store 225

    A retailer offer products-services and a philosophical vision of life.

    I will not deny that I am especially fond of companies framed within the concept of retail. As with many other novel concepts, there are numerous interpretations of it; the Oxford Dictionary of Business reads:...

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    Gentlemen: It’s not marketing… it’s innovation!!


    A especially controversial issue for the definition of professional territories.

    In 1988, Fox marketed the film Big, directed by Penny Marshall, with its script written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, starring an extremely young Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkings. Briefly summarized, the film is...

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    Innovating is not dusting the table


    Indoor or outdoor Innovation?

    One of the most frequently asked questions during my lectures or asked by our clients is: What is better, to innovate from inside or from outside? The question is focused on distinguishing if the best...

(Español) ¿Hace falta un ‘adaptador’ de directivos para pymes?

14 May 2012 icoLoop-cn
lavanguardia13 5 12 baja PF

(Español) Danone invierte 9 millones en entrar en el negocio del helado

30 Apr 2012 1 Com.   icoLoop-cn
yolado Danone

(Español) El nuevo proyecto Yolado de Danone se ha desarrollado desde la filial española de la multinacional y Loop Business Innovation ha colaborado en él.

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(Español) Danone neverita: adaptación a nuevos momentos de consumo

17 Apr 2012 5 Com.   icocases study
Neverita DNN baja

Cube by Coca-Cola

29 Mar 2012 icocases study

Coca-Cola Iberia has launched in Alimentaria an innovative refrigerator for the catering industry developed by Loop-Cn. The Coca-Cola Company is one of the reference Companies regarding global image, and it represents the largest buyer of refrigerators in the world. Within this sector, TCCC defines the new lines and strategies to be followed regarding both image and implementation of new technologies,...

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Why do products/services/people lose their value?

13 Jun 2011 icoConsumo
marcas_blancas 135

One of the most significant features of the society in which we live is its constant and rapid evolution; the concept of movement is a key concept to understand companies that make a management model out of innovation. The speed, the rapidity of evolution, increases when the space covered in a given time increases; or what is equivalent, when the...

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Desire and Consumption

1 Jun 2011 icoConsumo

‘Desire works like the wind. Without apparent effort. If the sails are spread, it will drag us at breakneck speed. If doors or windows are closed, it will hit for a while in search of cracks or grooves that will allow it to percolate. The desire associated with an object of desire condemns us to it. But there is another...

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Competing with (and against) Asian countries

17 May 11 icoBusiness Models
How to compete with Asia without counting on Asia? Counting on competitive products and services is one of the main raisons d’être of companies; they assign important human and economic efforts to this. However, the lack of competitiveness of most consumption products manufactured in Europe becomes evident against Asian ones (we have begun to observe...

Low Cost, High Value

5 May 11 icoConsumo
As an expert, I am often asked about ‘the most important innovation in recent years’, understood as business model innovation instead of research and development. This is a complex question which has more than one answer. My choice is particularly clear; probably one of the best innovations has one of the worst names: Low Cost....

Managing shortage

3 May 11 icoConsumo
As a result of the sudden appearance of economic recession, the over supply of products and services has settled in our markets. Companies have had to adapt their strategies quickly in order to live and compete with one another in a state of ‘crisis': shorter productive series, less real value, more reduced margins, alliances at...

I don’t consider Steve Jobs as a great innovator

24 Apr 11 icoInnovación
If we conduct a survey on who is the most innovating person nowadays, many people would mention Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. Jobs appears in his own right as a clear benchmarker of innovation. Personally, I appreciate Jobs’ work and vision and it is part of my list of benchmarkers but I do not particularly consider...

If a Martian came to the Earth… (it wouldn’t like to be a woman)

15 Apr 11 icoConsumo
The created needs Someone told me once that if a Martian came to the Earth and watched TV advertisements, it would never like to be a woman. When he noticed my interrogation look, he replied: Tell me, who appears on adverts with stomach swelling compared with a ‘globe-fish’?

How to reposition a classic? "El Casco"

9 Apr 11 1   icocases study
There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects. They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture.

How can successful business models be generated? The Apple case

15 Mar 11 icoEmpresas
There are products and business models that are especially successful; from the moment they burst into the market they are accepted by consumers, they produce addiction and they ‘set an example’ by leading their sectors and becoming their reference point. Apple and most of the products it launches reflect this model; each new reference turns out to be more and more astonishing.

Power to retailers!!!

15 Mar 11 1   icoConsumo
I will not deny that I am especially fond of companies framed within the concept of retail. As with many other novel concepts, there are numerous interpretations of it; the Oxford Dictionary of Business reads: a retailer is a ‘distributor which sells goods and services to consumers. There are three categories of retailers: multiple shops,...

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